Helen McLean | Freelance Portfolio

Who am I?

A creative technologist.

Which is to say, a creative with a knack for tech. However, as this is an umbrella term that encompasses many skills, I also respond to other titles such as Graphic Designer, Website Designer / Developer, Digital Designer and Digital Producer. 

I understand the business of advertising, marketing, branding and take a creative, strategic and people-centric view of how to connect people with brands. I have an inquisitive view of the world and try to stay on top of technology trends. I’m comfortable coding HTML and CSS and I’m not afraid to explore other coding languages.

I always begin a project with a discovery phase as I understand each business is different and needs to achieve a different business goal to others in the competitive landscape. I pride myself in being highly organised and professional and have a passion for what I do.

Who are you?

Company or agency.

You’ve stopped short of advertising for a Unicorn, even though you are sure they must be out there. 

You’re looking to fill a gap on a short term, contractual basis with a person who knows their work very well and can get on with the job without a fuss. You’re not looking for an entry level person, you’re looking for someone who can be shown the tasks at hand and can be left to work independently, quickly and with precision. You might also be looking for someone who can contribute and collaborate within a team environment, and can communicate with stakeholders and clients professionally.

You might be a company that requires someone in-house or an agency that requires someone in-house or to work remotely. Reasons for your search vary – you may have an increased amount of work expected or require more hands-on-deck for an upcoming project.

Whatever it is, the best way to start the conversation is by contacting me via the form below. Let’s see if we can help each other out.