Adding Glitz and Glam to a Full Circle Skirt

Adding Glitz and Glam to a Full Circle Skirt

Now that I had one full circle skirt for myself, I had to have more! My mind started thinking up of all the creative possibilities.

A visit to Theo’s with Candice, had me looking at their huge trimmings range. I spotted some silver trims and my mind started reeling with ideas! I decided I’d make a black skirt, with rows and rows of silver trims – inspired by the Mexican skirts with rows of ribbon.

The beauty about shopping at Theo’s is not only the range, but the price. Needing 5 meters for each row of trim, I was willing to pay about $25 for all the trims, instead of what could easily have been $$75-$100 elsewhere. Check out the price below – that’s 60 cents per meter!


Metallic silver ric-rac!

Tinsel looking trim…


Once I had all the trims, I needed to work out which order they were going to go in and how far apart I was going to have them. This is where the mobile phone camera comes in very handy – a few different variations photographed and I can go back and forth between photos before I make my decision.


Making the actual skirt is quite easy – this one I decided to make a little bigger in the waist than my first floral skirt. Which is just as well, given it was made for Christmas day and a lot of eating was planned for the day.






When it was time to stitch the trim onto the skirt, I opened up my donut shaped skirt out onto the floor, and pinned the trim roughly around (and around, and around). I double checked my distance from finished hem while I stitched the trim on.

The only painful part of making this skirt, is what makes it look so darn glamorous – stitching on ALL THAT TRIM! Hemming a full circle skirt takes time, but now multiply that amount of time by each sweet little row of trim you’ve decided to include. But it’s definitely worth it in the end.

I used white thread to stitch the metallic trim onto the skirt.


So here is my finished skirt – ready for Christmas festivities! I co-ordinated my new skirt with another boat neck knit by Bernie Dexter (I have both the red and black, they are so stylish and versatile). Shoes were bought in Croatia.



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Adding Glitz and Glam to a Full Circle SkirtHelen McLean

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