Glamour FAQs and Tips

A. Can you help me pose? I will guide you through each pose step by step, from posing your fingers to your toes. Everything will have its place and I will make sure it’s in the right place.

B. Do I need to bring anything? Bring along a strapless bra as well as your regular bra, nude colour if possible. If you have some special jewellery you wish to be photographed in, please bring along. Otherwise, all stockings and accessories are supplied.

C. When can I see the images from our session? A viewing and ordering session will be scheduled 2 weeks after your photo session. Please allow at least 1 hour for this session. 

D. Can you remove scars, bruises, pimples…? Yes! Plus any special requests, please let us know.

E. Can I purchase the images on a disc instead of getting prints? We are old-school and only provide you with the option of prints. You will however, also have web quality files of your chosen images to share online.

F. Do you mainly photograph models (they all look like models!)? I rarely photograph models, my clients are mainly women who have never done this before and would like to see a super-glamourous version of themselves.

G. Are your stylists qualified? They certainly are! We will only provide you with professional and qualified services. You may even take home some handy tips after your session with us!

H. How long are your sessions? Approx 4-5 hours, unless booking with a friend – then allow an extra hour. Sessions include snacks and drinks to make sure your tummy is happy during your session.

I. Do you take bookings on weekends? Yes we do.

J. Do you offer payment plans? Yes! We offer 6 or 12 month payment plans – Interest Free! If you qualify (must work at least 30hrs per week), you get to take home your purchase once it’s ready – without waiting for your payment plan to finish.


Glamour FAQs and TipsHelen McLean