Glamour Makeover: Stephanie

We’re great at keeping secrets!

Just ask Stephanie, who organised a secret shoot for her partner’s birthday present. At one point, we switched off the lights in the studio so she could leave the studio unseen! She said it was all worth it, from the response she got when he saw the prints.


Stephanie’s partner is an avid record collector, so you can imagine his reaction when he saw his girlfriend in print as a pin up, with a vintage stereogeram surrounded by records. Heaven!

Things close to Stephanie’s heart

She chose a tropical print dress from the studio wardrobe, that reminded her of her mum’s dress in a photo taken in the 1960s – and her mum recognised the similarity when she saw Stephanie’s prints!

I also got to learn that Stephanie is a huge Disney fan, and it showed! Her beautiful Disney hands were poised so elegantly, she was a delight to watch. And at every turn, when she spotted a different prop in the studio, she got very excited. She admitted she wanted to stay, and that she’d be hard to get rid of!

pinup-glamour-makover-studio-collageStephanie was kind enough to leave this review on Google:



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Glamour Makeover: StephanieHelen McLean

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