Making a Full Circle Skirt is actually easy!

Making a Full Circle Skirt is actually easy!

My sewing mantra has been “Something for me. Something for the studio.” Mainly because I seem to always make something for me – plus I have a tonne of ideas for the studio. However, it dawned on me that there was a huge imbalance with one specific type of garment – and it wasn’t in my favour. The photography studio wardrobe had many full circle skirts, and I had none!

Studio = 7 – Helen = 0.

I desperately wanted that to change. Especially since seeing that the full circle skirt suited every woman who came to the studio. It was great for every body size and it was an instant  “fancifier”. Want to know how to look glamorous, stylish, feminine, fancy and feel more comfortable than in your favourite pair of jeans? The full circle skirt promises all that.

I drafted my own pattern using the simple instructions in the book, “Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing”. Once you get the maths out of the way, and have your own pattern drafted to fit you perfectly, making full circle skirts are a breeze.

Speaking of which, when the breeze catches the skirt, you’ll have your own Marilyn Monroe moment!


The first full circle skirt I just had to own, was one with a bold floral. I had the type of floral in mind and it took me a month or so to find it. Visits to Spotlight, Lincraft, Clegs and Rathdowne Remnants weren’t coming up with the results I had in my head. Then my sewing companion introduced me to GJs on Lygon street. Actually, on the same day she introduced me to a chocolate cafe, Monsiuer Truffe (great hot chocolates!)


There really isn’t that much to making a full circle skirt. Like any skirt, stitch the side seams and then the center back seam up to the zipper opening. Making this skirt is so easy, your mind will wander elsewhere and you may end up stitching the entire center back seam, only to unpick it again. I’ll admit – been there, done that!


Stitching the zip in and finishing the waistband off are super easy too. I’ll take more photos of these steps next time, just to show how easy it is.

Inside of waistband and zip.

Outside of waistband and zip.


The most tedious part of sewing a full circle skirt is the hemming – because there is so much fabric, it takes foreverrrrrr. But the good news is – you’re on the home-run! All that’s left is a button-hole and button, and then it’s time to take it out for a spin!

When I planned on making the skirt in this bold floral print, I had in mind the other wardrobe pieces I was going to wear it with. Here are just some of the options:

White knit top by Review. See the detail below for the knit pattern under bust – very flattering.


Super-cute white blouse by Review. Detail images below:

Neckline ruffle plus gathered cap sleeves… 

Plus a large bow at bust level. Cute! And finally, 

Red knit boat-neck top by Bernie Dexter. This is my absolute favourite combo!

This floral skirt is just the beginning of my full circle skirt adventures. Next time, I’ll be posting about a skirt with some sparkly additions to it (for some extra fancy-fancy!).

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Making a Full Circle Skirt is actually easy!Helen McLean

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