Mexican inspired full circle skirt and matching wrap blouse

Once I created a black and silver Mexican inspired skirt, I thought I’d do the same, but with COLOUR!

I wanted to mix mustard and fuchsia together, and finding all the components (skirt base, skirt trim and matching wrap top fabric) took a few months. I was in no hurry, and I wanted to make it right. Once again, I found all my magical, sparkly trims from Theo’s Discounts…

These are the 3 selected ribbon trimmings in order:




And this is the layout I have decided on (I feel like a costume designer at this point!):


Once my trimming selection and layout has been made, I’ll make the full circle skirt. This time, I’m making a skirt with patch pockets…


Once the pockets and side seams were sewn, I put the back seam together in preparation for the zipper.

No matter how many times I have sewn in a zipperĀ (successfully), I still hold my breath when stitching them in!


Phew. Another successful zip insert…


I really should attach the waistband at this point, to avoid over stretching the waist area while handling the skirt any further….. but….. I can’t wait to add the trimmings!

So here we go – laying out the trimmings and pinning them down.


And stitching them in place (this part takes FOREVER!)




With all the trimmings in place, I really should attach the waistband!


All the skirt requires now, is a buttonhole and button. And I can move onto the wrap top… I used a pattern from a 1994 Burda magazine.


The very easy part of this top – stitching the side seams, shoulder seams and darts.


I ran out of fabric for the tie, but I had plenty of mustard left over from the skirt. So I made the under-collar and one side of the tie a mustard yellow.






And here we go, all done! Making sure everything looks right, a quick barefoot-sewing-room selfie:

Complete Mexican inspired skirt and wrap top.


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Mexican inspired full circle skirt and matching wrap blouseHelen McLean

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  1. Wow gorgeous!! And great colour combo. Can you tell me where is Theo’s discounts please?
    Cheers Jo

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