When I show people my photography portfolio in person, the conversation usually goes like this:


Which got me thinking.


Now before I go on any further, let me define the word model.

Definition of a Model:

  1. A person employed to pose for a photographer.
  2. A person who models professionally for a living or as a hobby with the view to become a professional model.

And to be fair, let’s look at what similarities my clients do have with professional models:

  1. Access to a clothing and accessories stylist;
  2. Professionally applied makeup and hair stylist;
  3. Professional photographer; and in some cases
  4. Professional studio lighting.

So the main differences are:



1. Is expected to know how to pose without direction
2. Is expected to be able to connect with the camera




1. Is directed into pose by the photographer
2. The photographer works to make the connection with the client

So it’s very easy to make the assumption, by looking at my portfolio of images – that I only work with models. While I have photographed professional models, most of my clients are not models.

And that’s what we want to show you right here!

A bunch of my clients have agreed to help me show you what they actually do for a living. How awesome are my clients?

I’m not a model. I’m a postie.

Styling and Posing help make a model.

See Emma’s story and images.

I’m not a model. I’m a graphic designer.

See Kristy’s story and images.

I’m not a model. I’m a travel agent.

I'm not a model but I look like a model.

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I’m not a model. I’m studying to be a podiatrist.

I'm not a model but I look like a model.

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I'm not a model.Helen McLean