Photography Posing Tip: Creating Shape When Standing

Posing technique - Shapely body - Comparative diagram

Candice isn’t very pleased with her standing pose in the 1st picture, but she’s very pleased with herself and the way her body looks in the 4th picture.

The 1st picture shows the body in a rectangular shape, versus the 4th picture which shows a smooth and sexy S-shape.

We want to achieve two things with our standing pose: Create shape & create negative space. We can do this in 4 crazy-easy steps!

Posing technique - shapely body Step 1

Step 1.

Yes, rectangle is a shape too. But we don’t want this for our glamour posing!

Posing tips - standing Step 2

Step 2.

We can change it by firstly bending the knee. By doing this, the body shape already starts changing and we can see some negative space forming.

Pose technique shapely body Standing Step 3

Step 3.

However, to really make a difference, push the bent knee inwards as much as you can. There’s also more negative space showing and now we’re seeing a nicer shape forming.

Note: Be careful not to kick out your heel – otherwise you’ll end up looking like you need the toilet.

Posing technique Standing pose Step 4

Step 4.

Now for the last two sneaky little tricks that will make all the difference to your pose.

Firstly, lift up your heel. It’s really that simple to create an elegant standing pose!

Secondly, for extra shape (and negative space), bend an elbow. This can work for both slender and fuller body types – it’s just a matter of arm placement, how much the elbow is bent and whether you bend both elbows or not.

Posing Technique - shapely body in 4 steps

Finished in 4 easy steps!

Thank you Candice for your help, it’s always lovely to see you happy when the right pose has been achieved!

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Photography Posing Tip: Creating Shape When StandingHelen McLean

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