Photography Posing Tip: No Neck

Posing Technique: No Neck comparison

If we could just do a close up on Candice where she looks unimpressed, we just might be able to see what she’s thinking:


OK, so we can see she has no neck. If it’s done right, bringing the chin downward can look very sweet. But if it’s overdone, you too can “has no neck”.

The idea here is to open up the area between the chin and shoulder, to eliminate bulkiness. Depending on the size of the person and the angle in which the photographer is shooting at – will depend on how much you can close up this area.

In these next two images – I am showing you the extremes. Although Candice looks lovely no matter how badly I try to pose her – you can at least see in the second image, how different she can look with an elongated and elegant neck line.





Thank you to Candice for being my humorous posing model!

Helen McLean

Helen McLean

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Photography Posing Tip: No NeckHelen McLean

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  1. I love that you share this information freely. I volunteered my time to a photographer I respected a few years ago with the hope of updating my digital skills having trained in film and did not even get a response. I did however begin noticing a theme in her blogging about “people stealing her ideas”, “copycats” and criticising other artists working in the same genre and realised that she actually did not have enough confidence in her own work to believe it would stand out from any crowd. You are a true artist, thank you for your generosity.

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