Posing Technique: Gentle Hands Comparison

Photography Posing Tips: Gentle Hands

I really wanted to title this post “Photography Posing tips: The Squish Face”, because it seems more appropriate – but I don’t think you would have arrived to this page via Google if I did. Google doesn’t think the way that I do!

Posing Technique: Gentle Hands Comparison

As Candice looks unimpressed with her “Squish Face”, I admit she also looks bored with her chin in her hand. But let’s take a closer look at the actual squishing taking place:

Say NO! to squish face

Say NO! to Squish Face!

See the indentation caused by leaning the fingers onto the face? See how the chin shape also disappears into the cup of the hand? Perfect for those times you are waiting for your dinner at a restaurant – not perfect for posing in a photo shoot.

Bad posing with hands

Adding hands near your face is a great idea – and shouldn’t be avoided (unless you have dirty nails and cracked skin – ewww!).

The idea is to soften the touch and not actually lean on your hand. It’s a “fake” lean, an “I’m just pretending to lean” pose.

If you have the right technique but the hand is stiff, try shaking it out, relax the hand and re-pose. It can help to imagine you’re a Disney Princess or ballerina – the idea is to have elegant and gentle hands.

Good posing with hands.

And now we can see the beautiful jaw line too. Win!

Thanks to Candice for helping illustrate this pose, including her Squish Face.


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