Photography Posing Tips for Women:

A useful guide for women to create a stunning body shape.

You’d be right to think a photographer should know how to pose you. Ultimately, to be confident enough to direct you into a pose suitable for your body shape. After all, you want to look AMAZING don’t you? In this first series of posing tips, I’ve put together a list of simple techniques to help you pull off stunning poses on your own.


You might look at the images below and think how obvious these posing mistakes are. However, in all my time as a pin up photographer, the wrong pose always feels right to the model. From the photographer’s point of view, it’s another story. This is where it helps to know what little adjustments to make, so you can help make that amazing image. Alternatively, find a photographer who knows what she’s doing 🙂


1 Posing hands correctly (and with purpose). Don’t just chuck your hand(s) anywhere.

2 How to not look like a T-Rex with super short arms. If it feels like Pilates, you’re doing it right.

3 For longer looking legs, and even longer looking legs! Who doesn’t want a leggy shot?

More tips on posing your legs and your feet, to really master those poses:


Thanks to Candice DeVille who graciously modeled for me to help illustrate my posing tips!

A pin up girl's posing resource guideHelen McLean