Posing tip: How to create a thinner body

Remove body width by adding negative space.

This tip is for any sized woman as it can add shape to slender figures and trim away extra weight from fuller figures.

When you keep your arms by your side, with small gaps or no gaps between your torso (body) and arms, you are adding the illusion of extra width plus you are hiding all of your curves. Even by slightly moving your elbows out to the side, will make a difference.

In the example image, we have done 3 things to change the shape of the body. And all of them help to create the illusion of a shapely body.

  1. Bend elbows and create negative space between your torso and arms;
  2. Hands on the waist, (this will also help narrow the waistline); and
  3. Twist the body so that your hip is pushed away from the camera. 

I would like to add that my “Before and After” posing photographs are NOT photo edited, on purpose. I want to show the power of how great posing can make a huge difference.


Helen McLean

Helen McLean

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Posing tip: How to create a thinner bodyHelen McLean

One comment on "Posing tip: How to create a thinner body"

  1. THIS IS AMAZING! I’m always avoiding pictures but if this can make me look a little more shapely and less pudgey, I’m down to give it a shot.

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