Pin Up Posing tip: Hand placement.

Don’t just chuck your hand(s) anywhere.

At the risk of looking like a) you have a sore belly, b) you ate too much, or c) you just couldn’t be bothered, be aware of what your hands are doing, as much as any other well posed body part. I remember waaaaaay back when, I had my photo taken with the legendary Peter Brock. Both well dressed, at a black tie Motor Sports Awards Gala event, yet I looked like I ate too much (which I think I did, I ate the food next to me as there was an empty seat!) Hands can be placed on the waistline, cradled together softly, by your side lightly holding your skirt or dress – just not flopped with no purpose. posing-hands-well-photography-tips So don’t forget your hands. Hands are beautiful, show them off well! photography-tips-posing-hands-well examples-pinup-posing-hands-well elegant-posing-hands-well-photography

We’re not perfect. We just know how to pose.

Although we are all perfect the way we are, this is a series of pin up posing tips to help create that stunning body shape. Because let’s face it, we all want to know how to put our best foot forward!

Helen McLean

Helen McLean

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Pin Up Posing tip: Hand placement. Helen McLean

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