Posing tip: Heels or toes.

Put the brakes on! You’re going to fast!

This one looks so obvious, in what not to do. And it makes me laugh whenever I see it, because clearly, Candice looks hilarious in what I call the “putting the brakes on” pose. But sadly, I have seen a celebrity in heels, sit like this on a television show before.  

So why would you sit like this (left image), especially if you’re wearing heels? I can only take a guess and think that feet are tired and legs are being stretched out. Or maybe they just couldn’t be bothered anymore. I know I’ve taken off the heels as soon as getting in the car, not even waiting until I get home at times. But if women can’t deal with the heels during an outing (or on television), they shouldn’t wear them!

Here in the studio, I don’t care how women sit in preparation for their shoot with me. Because I know as soon as I lift my camera, I will help them refine their pose to exactly how it should be. As should all photographers! And if I were in that television studio when I saw this one celebrity “put the brakes on” – I would have been waving for her attention to let her know!

We’re not perfect, We just know how to pose

Although we are all perfect the way we are, this is a series of posing tips not only for fashion bloggers and outfit of the day (ootd) posts, but for formal group shots with your friends and family. Because at some point, we’ve all been captured with a less than flattering pose when we wish we hadn’t have!

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Posing tip: Heels or toes.Helen McLean

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