Posing tip: Show you have arms.

Thanks to foreshortening in photography…

Because of foreshortening in photography, we need to look out for times where things seem to disappear completely.

Because we want to look like we have human arms and not T-Rex arms, in the above image, we had to bring the elbow out instead of towards the back.

It’s not a comfortable seating position, nor does it feel normal. But did I ever mention that most posing doesn’t feel normal anyway?

It’s all about bringing out what we want to show in a 2D image, and even though we know we own longer arms, the image on the left plays tricks with our mind.

And now you know how to pose like a T-Rex too. Bonus!

We’re not perfect. We just know how to pose.

Although we are all perfect the way we are, this is a series of posing tips not only for fashion bloggers and outfit of the day (ootd) posts, but for formal group shots with your friends and family. Because at some point, we’ve all been captured with a less than flattering pose when we wish we hadn’t have!

Helen McLean

Helen McLean

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Posing tip: Show you have arms.Helen McLean

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