Posing tip: Show you have fingers.

Where are your fingers?!

When I speak about moving or hiding body parts away from the camera to de-emphasise them, it will never apply to your fingers. Unless of course, we’re making a fist on purpose (ie: to re-create pin up hero Rosie Riveter).

Hiding your fingers looks like one of two things. Either you have had the misfortune of amputation; or you are tense and not comfortable in your photo shoot.

If you really don’t like your hands or fingers, try putting them behind your back, or clasping / cradling them together. But if you don’t have a problem with the look of your hands and fingers, remember to show them off too.

Note: Like most (if not all) of my posing tips, this tip applies to women. Hiding fingers for men, and many other poses for men, differ greatly to the tips I mention in my blog. In case you are a man, and wondering why you look so much more effeminate in your recent photos…

We’re not perfect. We just know how to pose.

Although we are all perfect the way we are, this is a series of posing tips not only for fashion bloggers and outfit of the day (ootd) posts, but for formal group shots with your friends and family. Because at some point, we’ve all been captured with a less than flattering pose when we wish we hadn’t have!

Helen McLean

Helen McLean

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Posing tip: Show you have fingers.Helen McLean

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