Posing tip: Sitting with a short dress.

Sitting with short dresses or skirts – we don’t wanna see!

Both these images (above) are perfect poses, except the one on the left has a teensy-weensy problem. This applies anywhere where a short dress or skirt is worn & sitting is going to occur. And it definitely applies to ladies who choose to wear very short numbers up on stage, given the viewing angle. Unfortunately, this has been seen on women interviewers/ees up on stage, and has happened on enough occasions for both Candice and I to make a mention of it here.  

To save the audience from copping an eye-full, just sit more to the side. And yes, testing your outfit prior to making a public appearance makes perfect sense!

You could try and and cross your legs, which admittedly will cover up the crotch area – however you have the problem of over-exposing under the thigh area. So sit to the side and don’t move too much!

We’re not perfect, We just know how to pose

Although we are all perfect the way we are, this is a series of posing tips not only for fashion bloggers and outfit of the day (ootd) posts, but for formal group shots with your friends and family. Because at some point, we’ve all been captured with a less than flattering pose when we wish we hadn’t have!

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Posing tip: Sitting with a short dress.Helen McLean

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