Posing tip: The classic stance

No pigeon toes for classic glamour posing.

If you’re into the cutesy-girly posing, this tip isn’t for you. I know some women still like to go for that innocent, bubblegum snapping, pigeon toed pose – but if you’re wanting to look elegant – don’t do it! Take note of what your feet are doing.

For a classic stance, try bringing your right foot forward with your toe pointed (think of it like pointing your toe for ballet).

Note: If you are partial to the pigeon toed look, be aware you don’t exaggerate it. Take a look at what you’ll end up looking like here in this Google image search.

We’re not perfect, We just know how to pose

Although we are all perfect the way we are, this is a series of posing tips not only for fashion bloggers and outfit of the day (ootd) posts, but for formal group shots with your friends and family. Because at some point, we’ve all been captured with a less than flattering pose when we wish we hadn’t have!

Helen McLean

Helen McLean

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Posing tip: The classic stanceHelen McLean

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