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Client: Lucy

Style: Retro 1950s Pin Up & Old Hollywood Glamour
Review: 5 STARS

“Thank you, Helen! A friend and I wanted to get a shoot to feel fabulous in our 40s! Helen kept us at ease while we went outside of our comfort zone! The results are stunning. I gave the beautiful prints to my husband for Christmas and he loves them. Thanks, Helen and Liana!”

Client: Erin

Style: Retro 1950s Pin Up Girl
Review: 5 STARS

“The images by Helen are breathtakingly stunning and that does not even begin to describe how magnificent these images are as there are just too many words.

I have been to see Helen twice now and both times the experience was nothing less than amazing. I felt very pampered and adored, almost like it was my wedding day all over again.
Helen has a very warm and gentle approach the helps you feel comfortable and relaxed during the photoshoot the you find it so easy to put that beautiful smile on your face for that great natural look.

Although the poses may seem hard at first, Helen makes it fun for you and before you know it you have done 2 hours of pin up pilates but you feel amazing.

The first time I came in to see Helen I was incredibly nervous but within minutes of the shoot starting, my nerves had gone away and I was having a great time doing all the poses and I was feeling very beautiful and sexy.

The second time I came in I was recovering from a badly broken leg, (which I had done 12 weeks prior). She made sure that all the poses were appropriate or my leg and if any did happen to hurt she was very quick to come up with another idea which worked well.

I look at the images and I am just so thankful for the incredible work done by Helen. The moments she has captured you just could not stage even if you tried. They truly are precious moments captured in time and I highly recommend Helen and her style of photography to anyone. It’s a bit of cheeky fun for the modern woman with a tasteful vintage twist.
Thank you Helen for the most beautiful images that I will cherish for a lifetime xxx”

Client: Libby (Review left by husband, Jules)

Style: Retro Pin Up and Golden Era Hollywood Glamour
Review: 5 STARS

“I bought a photo package with Helen for my wife’s birthday because she’d always wanted to play ‘dress-ups’ as an adult… As a naive husband, I was unsure what to look for or even if I’d made the right choice prior to the shoot.

On the day, I took my wife to meet Helen and immediately knew it was a slam dunk – she was sincerely passionate about her work, professional and made my wife (and I) feel completely at ease. By the time I picked up my wife later that afternoon, nothing could wipe the smile off her face…which is actually what I’d wanted for her all along.

If you’re a husband/partner and looking to give a gift she won’t forget (in a good way…not like that time you gave her a vacuum cleaner), go with Helen…I’m sure you won’t regret it.”

Client: Carmela

Style: Retro Boudoir and Vintage Hollywood Glamour
Review: 5 STARS

“I had an absolute blast with Helen and Candice.. the photos look amazing .. i felt sexy and loved the dress ups.. the girls were patient and knew exactly what i wanted and got heaps of great tips.. Thanks heaps guys and would recommend ur photos to everyone xx”

Client: Amanda

Style: Vintage Pin Up
Review: 5 STARS

“I am one of those people that makes herself scarce when a camera comes out, and could truthfully say I’ve never seen a photo of me that I liked….that was until a day with Helen had me giggling like a school girl. The results were amazing and I now have a portfolio of photos that I love.”

Client: Megan

Style: Retro Pin Up and Old Hollywood Glamour
Review: 5 STARS

“All I can say is that Helen is an artist. Helen made me feel so comfortable, welcome and relaxed. Right from the moment I walk through the door to start my planning session, she was able to envision what I wanted and guided me through the whole process.

On the big day Helen’s excitement was contagious and while I feel nervous she made me feel relaxed as she directed me through the different poses. I stepped out of my comfort zone and Helen made me feel beautiful. Her work is incredible and I will be going back in the future.”

Client: Ali

Style: Vintage Pin Up and Golden Era Hollywood Glamour
Review: 5 STARS

“I decided to do a shoot with Helen ‘just for fun’, and I was not disappointed – the afternoon I spent there was one of the most fun I’d had in ages. She and Candice DeVille were an absolute pleasure to work with, and everything was wonderful down to the smallest touches. Highly recommended.”

Client: Chloe

Style: Retro Pin Up and Hollywood Glamour
Review: 5 STARS

“Helen and her make up hair stylist Candice Deville, made me feel like a movie star! We all worked so well as team. Helen’s direction is wonderful giving compliments and advice on posing to ensure you feel 100% comfortable. Her feedback boosted my confidence to purse the pin up lifestyle more.”

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