Vintage Style Photo Shoots

Vintage Style Photo Shoots.

Your experience with us will inspire you.

You want to feel great and look stunning. It’s not much to ask for. Guided by professionals, your photography session will be easy and fun, guaranteed. This will be a portrait like none other. This is for lovers of the Golden Era of Hollywood, from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

Behind the scenes of a photo shoot:

“I have never felt so beautiful, so confident, so empowered as I did in front of the lights and lens… without a doubt, it was one of the best things I have ever done. Thank you so much, Helen!”

“Helen is a gorgeously warm person and an incredibly talented photographer who made me feel so at ease. Helen has a great eye and gives such clear direction that you are bound to have so many pics that you love. I never thought I could look like that… and be so happy with pics of myself.”

“I’ve had my fair share of photographers who I’ve worked with to try and create that ultimate “pin-up” look, but Helen McLean Photography is by far the experience and product I’m happiest with. I instantly liked Helen, in fact it is rather impossible not to, and when you’re that comfortable and relaxed, it really shows in the photos. Couldn’t be happier with the pictures.”

“Helen made me feel so comfortable, welcome and relaxed. Helen’s excitement was contagious and while I feel nervous she made me feel relaxed as she directed me through the different poses. I stepped out of my comfort zone and Helen made me feel beautiful.”

“What a fantastic experience! Talk about self confidence boost. Helen is amazing!! I was that impressed I have already booked in my next shoot!”

“The moment you step in front of the camera you feel comfortable as Helen guides you through each pose, even down to the littlest of details. The day was full of smiles and laughs and when looking at the photographs this radiates through.”

“I am one of those people that makes herself scarce when a camera comes out, and could truthfully say I’ve never seen a photo of me that I liked….that was until a day with Helen had me giggling like a school girl. The results were amazing and I now have a portfolio of photos that I love.”

“What can I say? Helen is amazing! I’ve been a fan of her work for a long time, but never pictured myself as the subject. When my husband gave me a voucher as a present, I kept putting it off as I didn’t see myself as ‘the type’. I eventually braved the session and I am so happy with the end result. Love, love, love the photos.”

Vintage Style Photo ShootsHelen McLean