Vibrants! Collection Leather Journal Cover

Featuring the brightest leather colours in our range, these covers are designed to add some pop! to your desk and put a smile on your face.

The Vibrants! collection of leather journal covers are available in sizes A6, B6, A5 & Slim (Standard TN) and offers interchangeable coloured elastic closures to easily change up the look of your leather cover!

Currently available in Teal leather and Fuchsia Pink leather.

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  • A5 – Fuchsia Pink Leather CoverA5 – Fuchsia Pink Leather Cover
  • A5 – Teal Blue Leather CoverA5 – Teal Blue Leather Cover
  • Moleskine Size Leather Cover – Fuchsia PinkMoleskine Size Leather Cover – Fuchsia Pink
  • Moleskine Size Leather Cover – Teal BlueMoleskine Size Leather Cover – Teal Blue