Featuring the brightest leather colours in our range, these leather journal covers are designed to add some pop! to your desk and put a smile on your face. Get a pack of interchangeable coloured elastic closures and easily change up the look of your leather cover over and over!

vibrant colour A5 notebooks pack 4 detail
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These leather journal covers come in various sizes so you can either fit it in your bag, bring along on your travels, use at work meetings or place it by your bedside table. Use these refillable leather journal covers for memory keeping, health tracking & well-being, travel planning or as your shopping list and menu planner.

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teal blue leather journal suits hardcover notebooks

The Vibrants! collection of leather journal covers are available in sizes A6, B6, A5 & Slim (Standard TN).
Currently available in Teal leather and Fuchsia Pink leather.

Leather journal features

These handmade leather journal covers are refillable, reusable and suit soft or hard cover books. Also adaptable to traveler notebooks or bullet journal notebook inserts. Other features of these hand crafted leather journal covers are:

  • Australian made (in Victoria)
  • Made from real leather
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Retains its colour

Not sure which size leather journal to get?

Here are some ideas of how you can use these leather journal covers (listed largest to smallest):

A5 size leather journal

The A5 size leather journal cover is the most popular size as it is both generous in size and has the most options available when it comes to adding a hard cover or soft cover notebook, sketchbook or diary inside. Use the A5 leather journal at work or home (or both) as your diary / organiser, as a journal or bullet journal.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with getting this size as your first leather journal, then adding to it as you find uses for the other sizes – as outlined below.

B6 size leather journal

Similar to the A5 although a little smaller, is the B6 size leather journal. This size is more popular with our American friends, however Australians have come to love this size too, as it has much more room than the A6 but is more compact than the A5. The only issue with this size is finding B6 notebooks to insert into the cover, however I have you sorted if you are after softcover B6 notebook inserts as I sell those too!

Fill your leather cover with 4 notebook inserts and use them for journaling, bullet journaling, as a monthly & weekly organiser, have one notebook dedicated to ideas & thoughts, or a house task list, shopping list, menu planner, holiday wishlist, personal wishlist or fitness and health tracker.

Slim (Standard TN) size leather journal

The Slim size (otherwise known as the Standard TN leather journal size) is such a sleek and stylish size. If you don’t mind lopping off about an inch from the side of an A5 size, then this size is not only stylish, but easier to carry around. Depending on how much information you need to input in your diary / organiser or how small / large your writing is – this size might just be what you need. I started off using this size and found it sufficient for a full 12 months. Although I LOVED the sleek size, I admit I was curious to try the A5 and so far, I have been enjoying the extra space.

If you’re not looking to use this as a diary / organiser, then it would be perfect for all your journaling needs. Whether you do gratitude journaling, art journaling, junk journaling, or need to keep your house keeping tasks and shopping list separate from your everyday A5 planner.

A6 size leather journal

The A6 size leather journal cover is half the size of the A5, and the 2nd smallest in the range. Being so compact, it can be carried in a bag without adding too much extra weight, or left on the bedside table. Some people like to use the A6 size as a full blown diary / organiser by using a day-to-a-page, rather than a week-to-a-page (or they have teeny-tiny neat hand writing, unlike myself!). This size is perfect for gratitude journaling, art journaling, junk journaling, health tracking or as a shopping list and menu planner. If you get the elastic closure version, you could keep your credit card tucked into the inside panel and even use this as your wallet / purse as well.

Pocket size leather journal

Similar to the A6 although a little smaller, is the Pocket size leather journal is the most compact of the range. Not recommended for use as a dated diary (unless using a day-to-a-page set up), the pocket size is perfect for all other uses such as a sketchbook, note taking & ideas, thoughts & journaling for well being, as a house keeping tracker, medication, fitness or health tracker, shopping list & menu planner, holiday & personal wishlist or a combination of them all.

In addition to the pocket size notebook inserts available here, the pocket size leather cover is also suitable for Field Notes brand memo books and the ever so stylish Blackwing brand Clutch notebooks.

vibrant colour A5 notebooks pack 4 detail
fuchsia pink leather journal with coloured notebooks 1