Sustainable Packaging

All products are packaged using plastic-free, sustainable alternatives. With paper and jute twine, paper wrapping and even water activated paper tape (no plastic packing tape used!), your package will be beautifully presented and kind to the environment. Even the clear bags that look like plastic, are made of Natureflex, a certified home compostable bag, made from cellulose derived from renewable wood pulp. Watch the video at he bottom of the page to see my packaging process.

Zero Waste Goal

In addition to using plastic-free packaging, I have a zero waste goal in my manufacturing process as well. I hand cut all my leather pieces with careful thought to minimise waste. Offcuts are kept for re-use as straps, belts and potential design features. While the leather used is a by-product of the meat industry, each skin is treated with respect so that it is used wisely & very little waste is produced.


All papers used in the Helen McLean branded notebooks are eco-friendly and my first preference is to use carbon-neutral papers as well.