Refillable leather journal covers for your notebook, planner, diary or sketchbook.

These handmade leather journal covers are refillable, reusable and suit soft or hard cover books. Also adaptable to traveler notebooks or bullet journal notebook inserts.

The different uses for leather journal covers.

These leather journal covers come in various sizes so you can either fit it in your bag, bring along on your travels, use at work meetings or place it by your bedside table. Use these refillable leather journal covers for memory keeping, health tracking & well-being, travel planning or as your shopping list and menu planner.

leather A4 cover work folio black brown rhodia notepad

A4 size leather journal covers (large)

A5 leather journal library green cognac with tie closure

A5 size leather journal covers (medium)

B6 leather notebook cover elastic mahogany

B6 size leather journal covers (medium)

a5 compared to pocket angled

A6 size leather journal covers (small)

leather cover moleskine cahiers forest

leather journal covers for Moleskine hardcover & Cahier notebooks

indigo leather notebook cover with tie usage

leather journal covers for Rhodia, Clairefontaine & Leuchtturm1917

cognac leather notebook cover usage

leather covers for Stillman & Birn sketchbooks

Handmade leather journal covers, Australia.

Helen McLean leather journal covers are hand crafted in Victoria, Australia using real, quality leather.

Handmade in Australia
Real leather
Easy to keep clean
Refillable & reusable
Suits soft or hard cover books
Suits traveler notebook refills
Sizes A6, B6, A5, B5, A4