The Quest Collection: First Release – Closed

Second Release: 2021

Leather cover designs inspired by epic Quests in cult movie classics, such as The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Thor Ragnarok & pretty much any pirate movie like Pirates of the Caribbean & Treasure Island.

Each limited edition leather cover comes with matching notebooks, representing the movies as much as the cover itself.

thor leather cover by helen mclean spine details

Thor – Sold Out – Sign up for next release

Inspired by Chris Hemsworth’s Thor: Ragnarok, this leather cover & notebook set draw on features from his outfit and Mjolnir. Although battle scarred, there’s nothing this tough leather armour can’t take – including Hulk’s hilarious ragdolling.

the hobbit leather cover by helen mclean insitu

Unexpected Journey – Sold Out – Sign up for next release

Drawing on features of Bilbo & Frodo Baggins’ linen clothes and quaint little hobbit-hole, known as his home, Bag-End. This leather cover & matching linen covered parchment notebooks, can be your place to journal about your unexpected (or expected!) journey.

last crusade leather cover by helen mclean insitu

Last Crusade – Now Available – Limited Release

Inspired by Indiana Jones’ linen and leather outfit: The shape of the leather cover is shaped like Indy’s satchel, and holds something special inside… the Holy Grail, which is represented by the metallic gold notebook hidden among the linen covered parchment notebooks.

lost treasures leather cover by helen mclean

Lost Treasures – Sold Out – Sign up for next release

Pirates of the High Seas will stop at nothing to find a treasure chest full of gold… and that is what you will find inside here. This is a pirate’s treasure chest themed leather notebook cover & comes with a luxurious metallic gold hardcover notebook.

Perfect gifts for Fandoms of Indiana Jones, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Comic’s Thor:Ragnarok, Pirate’s of the Caribbean & the 1950s classic, Treasure Island. A quality, collectible for desk, or for travel